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The length of rubber tube  发布日期:2008-9-23    

The length of rubber tube: the production method of rubber tube in our company is core production. The length of steel wire braided rubber tube produced by soft core is:
φ6-φ16  可定尺生产 50m .100m.110m
Φ6-φ16 length production 50m .100m.110m
φ19-φ25 可定尺生产 50m .60m
Φ19-φ25 length production 50m .60m
φ32-φ51 可定尺生产 40m. 50m
Φ32-φ51 length production 40m. 50m
 length of steel wire winding hard core:
φ10-φ51 可定尺生产 40m 50m
Φ10-φ51 length production 40m 50m